With the Deutschland-Ticket on the Main Line also travel abroad

From May 2023, the time has come: the Deutschland-Ticket is coming! The ticket will not only be valid for local transport throughout Germany, but also for certain stations on the Main Line that are located abroad. For example, Salzburg and the French border towns of Lauterbourg and Wissembourg. Source: Deutsche Bahn

Tens of thousands flock to the construction site for Stuttgart 21

The interest in Stuttgart 21 is huge: from Holy Saturday to Easter Monday, 90,000 people came to see the progress at the “open construction site”. “Their enthusiasm is infectious,” says Bernhard Bauer of the Stuttgart-Ulm railway project association. With his head craned back, Erik looks upwards. Halfway up the scaffolded…

ABS 38: Attention – traffic will be rerouted!

During the construction phase of the extension of line 38, rail freight traffic into the chemical triangle will also have to be diverted. There is still time until the expected start of construction in 2027, but diversion transports must already be carefully prepared now. To this end, ABS 38 recently…

Train instead of flight: Incentives with additional leave

Travelling by train on climate-friendly holidays is the latest trend, but it often takes longer than travelling by plane, which is more harmful to the climate. The Pro-Rail Alliance is therefore setting a good example and offering its employees incentives for environmentally friendly travel. Those who travel long distances by…

Making the Stuttgart rail node fit for the future

Meeting the climate targets set by the federal and state governments requires a greater expansion of public transport. In order to make the Stuttgart rail hub fit for the future beyond 2030, experts believe that further additions are necessary. Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann said in Stuttgart on 15 March…

Deutschlandtakt threatens 40-year delay

Originally, the nationwide implementation of the Deutschlandtakt in Germany was planned for 2030. According to State Secretary Theurer, however, it will take decades before the project is fully completed. He does not see the Deutschlandtakt being fully implemented until 2070. Rather, the project of the century will come “in stages,…

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