Objectives & Positions

As a transnational pro-rail alliance, Main Line for Europe supports the establishment of attractive passenger and freight connections for all locations along the Main Line corridor. Achieving this goal will require a coordinated, incremental, and rapid means of modernizing the Main Line for Europe’s existing railway infrastructure. At present, the quality of the Main Line’s different segments still varies considerably: For every multitrack segment, high-speed line, and through station, there seems to be another one-track section, low-speed route, or terminal.

For these reasons, the Main Line for Europe Initiative is determined to convince the policymakers in charge of railway infrastructure and long-distance transportation that modernization, other upgrades, and new railway construction are needed, along with attractive offers for passengers and freight transport along the rail corridor.

In addition, the members of the Main Line for Europe Initiative aim to increase its attractiveness by actively participating in the design of efficient railway hubs and operating and expanding local and regional transport systems, as well as urban and regional development strategies. These feeder lines and distributors are also helping to increase the return on the investments made in high-level intercity rail infrastructure. The objectives and proposals put forth by Main Line for Europe are also described in various policy documents, resolutions, and statements

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